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Elastikpant Training revolution

The elastikpant is a fully functional Pant that allows you in a real fight training to work out the musculature that specifically trains or participates in the force vectors of kicking. This will strengthen the muscles of the extensor chain of the leg increasing the strength and power of kicking considerably, as well as any maneuver of the fighter’s movement or feint.
The advantage of this Pant is that with it, from now on, it is possible to train to the last angle of any technical movement necessary for the combat since it is not an impediment for any technical execution however complicated the movement is, which until today was not possible with any other Fitness or high performance equipment.
With this new and specific form of training, it is also possible to gain strength resistance as well as increase the aerobic capacity allowing you to make a much more quality combat.
The Elastikpant was created and designed for the development of specific sports training. Thus allowing the muscular packages that act directly in a movements or techniques not only the advantages mentioned above, but also works directly in the intramuscular coordination (work of the muscles with each other) and increases in general the intensity of the training.